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Lord Echo

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新西兰器乐演奏家、音乐制作人Lord Echo(又名Mike Fabs),他的音乐如同一种迷人声波毫不费力地吸引到你。其结合了上世纪60年代的音乐制作方法和现代舞曲,融合灵魂、放克、迪斯科、未来灵魂和非洲音乐元素。Lord Echo制作的最广为人知的音乐作品是新西兰雷鬼天团The Black Seeds的首张专辑《Melodies》,2010年一经发行便引起巨大轰动。专辑通过独立厂牌发行,被DJ Gilles Peterson在英国BBC Radio 1电台反复播放,同时也受到了Oliver Wang和Richard Dorfmeister的推崇。后来在日本和欧洲地区重发时,众多乐迷争向购买黑胶版作为镇箱之宝。2015年,Lord Echo受邀登台JZ Festival,等着他的多元魔力和新鲜劲道吧!




New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and producer Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabs). An enticing sonic excursion that effortlessly transcends genre and geography, the release finds Echo flexing his dual-mastery of 60′s production techniques and modern dancefloor aesthetics, while also highlighting the vocal prowess of his soulful compatriots through a flowing blend of boogie-laced Funk, disco-primed Dub, futuristic Soul, and timeless African rhythms.

Fabs, known worldwide for his production work with NZ's biggest Reggae export The Black Seeds, drew a groundswell of excitement around his debut solo album Melodies in late 2010. The independent release became a cult classic strictly through word-of-mouth, championed by tastemakers like Gilles Peterson (who played it repeatedly on his BBC Radio 1 show), Oliver Wang (Soulsides) and Richard Dorfmeister. Re-issues of the album soon followed in Japan and Europe, with vinyl copies quickly becoming a hot commodity among discerning collectors around the globe.


Genre: Funk/Dub/Soul/African Rhythm


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