Wrecka Spinnazz Club

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Wrecka Spinnazz Club

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Wrecka Spinnazz Club是四个好友的组合,从2010年开始就每周碰头分享各自喜欢的唱片,后来又开始组织活动,把他们那带有funky色彩的眼光放在了不分风格流派的各种音乐之上。Jazz、hip hop、punk,成员们分别来自不同的音乐背景,但在house和techno派对上他们找到了共鸣。

2012年,他们与Heartbeat一起被邀请加入到Club Lonely的冒险之旅,邀请了诸多美国DJ一起创造着大家共爱的音乐,其中有像Robert Owens、Tyree Cooper、Hieroglyphic Beijing、Teyo Howard这样的芝加哥传奇人物,也有像Daniel Wang、Maurice Fulton、Prosumer、Boris这样的disco大亨。Club Lonely的概念很简单:用一种家庭感觉聚集朋友和新生力量,用音乐启动大家的自由感,在巴黎时不时放下面具舞动起来。

Wrecka Spinnazz Club在Mona、Concrete、75021等多个巴黎俱乐部和派对演出,同时和巴黎广受人爱的Jekyll & Hyde、SousLaJupe、Phonographe Corp等派对组织合作。同时,他们也Agnès B.,Sakina M'Sa等时尚品牌设计师和La Base,Irrueption等艺术家组织提供服务。他们是每年夏天Atlantic海岸Jazz au Phare音乐节必请的DJ,也曾在Nantes和法国西南部的Baleapop音乐节登台。


Wrecka Spinnazz Club

 Wrecka Spinnazz Club

The Wrecka Spinnazz Club is a group of 4 friends, started as a weekly meeting to share new records and old favourites in 2010, and moved on to organizing events that put forth their funky vision of music with no preconceived genre limitations. The members come from various musical backgrounds, whether jazz, hip hop, or punk but they met through house and techno parties.

They were invited to join in the Club Lonely adventure with Heartbeat in 2012, and have since invited many of the American DJs that have played a crucial role in creating the music they love, with Chicago legends such as Robert Owens, Tyree Cooper, Hieroglyphic Being, Tevo Howard, but also some of the best disco jocks like Daniel Wang, Maurice Fulton, Prosumer or Boris.  The idea of Club Lonely is simple: a family feeling gathering friends and new faces, with music that enables everyone to feel freedom of dancing without the masks that can sometimes be found in Paris.

Recently, they have played in a number of Parisian clubs and parties such as Mona, Concrete, 75021, whilst collaborating with some of their favourite Parisian promoters : Jekyll & Hyde, SousLaJupe, Phonographe Corp… At the same time, they have worked for designers with shows for Agnès B., Sakina M'Sa, as well as with the artist collectives La Base and Irrueption. They are the DJs every summer for the Jazz au Phare Festival off the Atlantic Coast, and have also played in Nantes and in the Southwest of France for the Baleapop Festival.


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好戏网 www.2op9r.cn
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